» » These Chinese health workers should now wear wristbands to track their location.

These Chinese health workers should now wear wristbands to track their location.

China has a reputation as an observer of its citizens, and it seems that different parts of the country are constantly finding new ways to use gadgets for this purpose - radio frequency chips in cars, sunglasses for face recognition and a uniform for tracking the location for students, each of which made headlines in the past year Now you can add to the list of sanitation workers with GPS tracking bracelets.

On April 3, there was news that health workers in Nanjing, Hexi’s Chinese district, had to wear smart bracelets with GPS tracking in order not only to constantly track their location, but also to hear them if they stopped moving for more than 20 minutes.
Only one day later, according to the South China Morning Post, public pressure reached the point that the local sanitation company decided to go back a bit - but only by removing the most unpleasant part of the system. Now the bracelets will no longer say "please continue to work” if the employee decides to stay in one place, but, as reported, they will still track employees.
It is not clear whether this result will be enough to satisfy the public, but I believe that it depends on how the news is presented to them. Oddly enough, the headlines of the South China Morning Post newspaper read: "Workers exempt from monitoring after protests” and "Chinese workers exempt from monitoring the style of" Big Brother ”after smelly public,” none of which correspond to the facts of their own history. .
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