» » Moise Keane: Racist violence against Juventus intolerantly intolerant

Moise Keane: Racist violence against Juventus intolerantly intolerant

The racist violence inflicted on Juventus attacker Moise Keane was "unacceptable,” says Italian manager Roberto Mancini.

On Tuesday, Keen scored Juve’s victory in Cagliari and celebrated it, holding hands, apparently in response to racist cries.

Mancini gave a 19-year-old international debut in November, and Keen won a victory in both qualifying victories at Euro 2020 in his country in March.

"This cannot continue. This requires action and must be tough, ”said Mancini.

"Even in England, where they are far ahead of us in the fight against racism, such things still happen, but we have to do much more to eliminate them.”

After the match on Tuesday, the captain of Juventus Leonardo Bonucci suggested that Keen was partly guilty of singing because of his celebration.

Bonucci said that his team-mate "could have done it differently” and "50-50 fault,” although the defender later said that his comments were misunderstood.

On holidays, the former Manchester City boss Mancini said: "Kin is the golden guy. Maybe next time he won't do it. I think he was distressed. ”

Manchester City striker Rahim Sterling, who made a similar protest against racist singing last month, called Bonucci's comments ridiculous.

Racist singing was directed to several players of the England national team during their qualifying victory over the national team of Montenegro in Podgorica in March 2012.

Sterling gestured to the crowd, putting his hands to his ears after winning, and later called on the football authorities to take the "right position” against racist bullying.

Some believe that England players should have left the field, but manager Gareth Southgate said that he was "not 100% sure that the players want it.”

England team manager Phil Neville said the violence was "disgusting,” and added that he "hopes he has the courage” to lead the team to a real position.

"We’ve gotten to the point that we can no longer keep things under a 10,000 or 20,000 pound fine or close half the stadium, because I’m not sure that we’re getting to the bottom of the question,” he said.

"It only takes one manager to make a real position - because it's disgusting and sad, and it still happens.

"We have a lot of really good campaigns, but they still exist in society and in football, and I’m not sure that this is getting better - so we have to deal with it as much as possible.”
Source: bbc.com
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