» » Xtrainerz are the bone-conducting headphones water sport fans have waited for

Xtrainerz are the bone-conducting headphones water sport fans have waited for

AfterShokz finally has a pair of waterproof bone-conducting headphones. The new Xtrainerz (pronounced "cross trainers”) target water sport fans who want to listen to music, but still leave the ears open to the sounds around them. Be it the threatening buzz of a motorboat cutting through the water, or idle banter in the lineup as your mates await the next wave.

As we’ve said before, bone-conducting headphones simply can’t compete with traditional in-ear headphones on sound quality, typically delivering weaker bass and a quieter overall volume level. On the other hand, they leave your eardrums open to surrounding noises because they deliver sound vibrations to the inner ear through your cheekbones. The result is increased environmental awareness that makes them safer to use on land (dangerous cars) and sea (dangerous boats) that can also offer a performance advantage to runners, swimmers, and the like.
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