Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox is codenamed Anaconda

Microsoft is continuing its reptile-themed codenames for its Xbox consoles. The original Xbox One was codenamed Durango and the Xbox One X took the arachnid-themed Scorpio codename. Now it appears the next-generation Xbox, expected to arrive in …

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This tank of a phone has lasted me a week on one charge

On Monday morning, I did something I often do when testing a new device: I took it off the charger to see how long it’ll last under regular use. This time around it’s an obscure phone called the Doogee S80, and at the time of writing this on Tuesday …

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Google sacks dozens over sexual harassment

Google has sacked 48 people including 13 senior managers over sexual harassment claims since 2016. In a letter to employees, chief executive Sundar Pichai said the tech giant was taking a "hard line" on inappropriate conduct. The letter was …

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